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Many juvenile cases have restitution in some form as part of the disposition.

  • If a child is placed on diversion, the diversion coordinator forwards the child to the Partner's Restitution Program or forwards restitution paid by the juvenile to the victims.
  • If a child is placed on probation, the probation officer decides the amount of each payment and how often payments are to be paid. If the Child fails to pay, it is the probation officer's responsibility to bring the child back to Court.
  • If a child is committed to the Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Corrections any restitution requirements are monitored by them.
  • If the Child is paroled, the juvenile parole officer is responsible for monitoring restitution.

All restitution for Court (non-diversion) cases is paid in to the Registry of the District Court and distributed to the victims. The District Court Clerk keeps a record of these payments. You may contact the Clerk's office at (970) 257-3625 for the status of any restitution that was ordered to be paid to you. Please have the court case number available.

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