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Pete Hautzinger
District Attorney

(970) 244-1730

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To see that the guilty are convicted and the innocent protected. To prosecute violent criminals relentlessly in order to ensure that all citizens are protected from violence. To ensure that justice is served equally for all citizens.

Description of Duties
  • Prosecuting criminal cases
  • Prosecuting civil forfeiture cases
  • Providing victim's services
  • Advising law enforcement in preparation of affidavits
  • Administering victim's compensation programs
  • Prosecuting and diverting juvenile cases
  • Administering the domestic violence program
  • Representing the State of Colorado at inquests
  • Appearing before and advising the Grand Jury
  • To obtain a speedy and just resolution of criminal cases
  • To ensure that victim's constitutional rights are being enforced
  • To promote the safety of the community through aggressive prosecution of violent and repeat offenders

Statement of Non-Discrimination

The District Attorney's Office for the 21st Judicial District strictly prohibits any discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

Structure of the District Attorney's Office Twenty-First Judicial District of Colorado
  • District Attorney Pete Hautzinger
  • Assistant District Attorney Rich Tuttle
  • Chief Deputy District Attorneys (4)
  • Deputy District Attorneys (16) 
  • Victim/Witness Coordinator
  • Victim/Witness Advocate
  • Juvenile Justice Coordinators (2)
  • Paralegals (4)
  • Administrators (2)
  • Support Staff (13)

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