CALL OFF -  February 17, 2017 - 05:05 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Feb. 8 Paula Hall 16CR5633 Dismissed
Feb. 14 Victoria Heinecke 16CR5933 Vacated
Feb. 15 Ernan Pacheco 16M6098 pled
Feb. 22 Terry Garcia 16M5100 vacated
Terry garcia 16M973 Vacated
Mar. 28 Joseph Blagg 16CR5555 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Feb. 6 Jasmime Gillaspy 16CR420 Continued
Robby Mascarenas 16CR5179 Dismissed
Nicholas Vezakis 16CR189 Pled
Lyn Anderson 16CR579 Pled
Michael Pacheco 15CR809 Continued
Esteban Olivas 16CR425 Continued
Feb. 9 Danyale Richardson 15M2518 Vacated
Robert White 15M2777 Vacated
Feb. 13 Layne Madaris 16CR5071 Vacated
Jason Kidd 16CR558 Vacated
Jordan Machost 15M2829 Pled
Feb. 14 Cory Shelton 16CR307 Vacated
Feb. 15 Christopher Morales 17CR48 vacated
Feb. 16 Nathan Renfro 16M361 Vacated
Kayla Waldoch 15M2561 Vacated
Jeremy Park 16T214 Pled
William Moore 16CR5059 Vacated
Robert Haslam 16M5772 Pled
Christina McDuff 16M5053 vacated
Jamie Slaugh 16T5810 vacated
Sara Harden 16M6597 Vacated
Jerritt Winegardner 16M5187 Pled
James Funk 16M333 Continued
Feb.17 Ronald Crist 16T6433 Vacated
Feb.21 Kenneth Mayfield 16CR200 Continued
Feb. 23 Jack Haskin 16M559 Pled
Jason Gummin 16CR5381 Continued
Feb.24 Thomas Siddell 16CR5823 Vacated
Feb. 27 Jason Gummin 16CR5391 Continued
Joseph Connolly 15CR989 Continued
Robert Haslam 16M6300 Pled
Feb. 28 Jason Kidd 16CR532  Vacated
Gary Johnson 16CR5075 Vacated
Ashley Grimes 15CR483 Pled
William Houk 16CR5490 vacated
Mar. 1 Ashley Grimes 15CR899 Pled
Mar.6 Dean Richardson 15CR1464 Vacated
Mar. 7 Ashley Grimes 15CR1169 Pled
Paula Hall 16CR5633 Dismissed
Mar. 6 Robert Bell 16M6199 Pled
Mar. 9 gabriel Muniz 15CR770 Continued
David Gaston 15CR1013 Vacated
Kevin Whiting 13T611 Pled
Mar. 13 Ashley Grimes 16CR395 Pled
Mar. 14 David Gaston 15CR1360 Vacated
Mar. 21 Stephanie Pinnt 16CR5986 Pled
Ashley Sparks 16CR5388 Pled
Robert Haslam 16M6576 Pled
Samuel Trujillo 16T5283 vacated
Mar.21 Michael Hoo 16CR265 Pled
Mar. 23 David Gaston 16CR539 Vacated
Anyssa Lozoya 16M6020 Pled
Joy Wurth 16M38 Vacated
Mar. 27 Victoria Heinecke 16CR5933 Vacated
Mar. 29 David Gaston 16CR5007 Vacated
Mar.30 Angelina Sifuentes 16JD5165 vacated
Apr. 4 David Gaston 16CR5339 Vacated
Apr. 11 Jeremy Trujillo 16CR557 Vacated
Joseph Blagg 16CR5555 Vacated
Apr. 17
Apr. 18 Jose Gonzalez 16CR5623 dismissed
Apr. 20 Terry Garcia 16M5100 Vacated
Apr.25 Ernan Pacheco 16M6098 pled
Terry Garcia 16M973 Vacated
4-May Frank Thunderhawk 16M5076 Pled
9-May Martin Martinez 15Cr85 Pled
11-May Howard Gold 16T1229 Pled
18-May Frank Thunderhawk 16M6632 Pled
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado