CALL OFF -  March 16, 2018 - 04:08 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Mar. 28 Ryan Oliver 17CR2213 Continued
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Mar. 16 Jessica Rackliff 17T2195 Vacated
Jessica Rackliff 17M2025 Vacated
Mar. 28 Phillip Huey 16M6950 Plead
Mar. 29 Michael Freitas 17CR2374 Vacated
Apr. 2 Austin Samples 15M1958 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Mar. 19 Pablo Chairez 17CR1114 Vacated
Donald Rodarte 17CR1547 Vacated
Adil Shaikh 17M2583 Plead
Kirk Jones 17CR70 Vacated
Charity Siler 16T6826 Plead
Daniel Sasser 17CR589 Vacated
Mar. 20 Jamie Pike 15CR805 Vacated
Aniceto Torres 17CR489 Vacated
Mar. 22 Starr Martinez 17T1114 Vacated
Jordan Foxx 16M6317 Plead
Bradley Biggs 17M190 Vacated
Cameron Pennartz 17CR1318 Plead
Chase Powell 17M2205 Plead
Elizabeth Barker 16M99 Vacated
Robert Saldana 17CR1753 Continued
Dustin Mow 17M2924 Continued
Kyle Brubaker 17T2395 Vacated
Geovani Baltazar-Padilla 17M529 Vacated
Mar. 26 Celestino Marquez 17CR1053 Plead
Jason Halvorsen 17CR1186 Plead
Laurance Tiffin 16CR5498 Vacated
Daniel Dowd 17CR1644 Vacated
Mar. 27 Landon Armijo 17CR1146 Vacated
Mar. 29 Matthew Steib 17T1869 Plead
Eduardo Garza 16M351 Continued
Apr. 2 Thomas Brown 17CR1522 Plead
Michelle Chavez 17CR1828 Vacated
Roger Gearhart 17CR1148 Plead
Apr. 4 Michael Ball 17CR2106 Plead
Troy Amsberry 17CR1413 Plead
Joseph Black 17CR929 Plead
Charles Ohsiek 17M508 Vacated
Apr. 5 Kyle Wharton 17T524 Vacated
Justin Harris 17CR883 Plead
Chase Powell 17T1574 Plead
Apr. 9 Fabian Ortiz 17CR1520 Plead
Reed Roehm 17T2169 Plead
Apr. 11 Michael Freitas 17CR2374 Vacated
Preston Goodnight 17CR211 Plead
Apr. 12 Fermin Bonsell 17M3056 Plead
David Rohde 17CR1093 Continued
Eric Sharp 17M2306 Vacated
Eric Sharp 17M2157 Vacated
Josh Woltjer 17M2414 Plead
Apr. 16 Landon Armijo 17CR1541 Vacated
Keocean Cann 16CR5649 Plead  
Donald Abbey  17CR1605 Plead
Apr. 18 Jesus Munoz 17CR1441 Vacated
Apr. 19 Shane Martin 17CR59 Plead
Apr. 26 Fermin Bonsell 17M3085 Plead
Josh Woltjer 17M3265 Plead
Apr. 30 Edwin Bailey 17CR2308 Vacated
May. 1 Brian Varrieur 17CR1589 Plead
May. 3 Phillip Huey 16M6950 Plead
May. 8 Joseph Romero 17M2766 Plead
May. 9 Holly Jarvis 17CR1996 Plead
May. 14 Richard Byrd 17CR513 Vacated
May. 17 Teddy Salazar 17T327 Plead
May. 24 Teddy Salazar 17T2428 Plead
Karen Owen 17M761 Dismissed
Jessica Rackliff 17T2195 Plead
May. 30 Krystal Mckelvey 16CR5740 Plead
May. 31 Michael Patterson 16T1360 Continued
Timmy Lamb 17M3349 Dismissed
Diego Sandoval 17CR2095 Dismissed
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado