Victim/Witness Program


A Victim/Witness Assistant can give you information about how the court system works. Some of the services available are:

    • Crime Victim Compensation Program
    • Victim/Witness Waiting Room
    • Information on the status of your case
    • Call-Off - We maintain a canceled hearings hotline updated for your convenience
    • Referral to other services which may be of help to you
    • Transportation and lodging when necessary

Violent Crimes and Victim Rights

As the victim of a violent crime, you have the right to have the following information.

Defendant's Name, Charge(s), Law Enforcement Report number, Court Case number, the Judge in County Court, the Judge in District Court, the Prosecutor Assigned and the name of the Victim/Witness Coordinator. All of these may be obtained by contacting the Victim/Witness Office at (970) 244-1730.