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Summons to appear in Court  

The District Attorney's Office receives reports regarding juvenile delinquency activity from law enforcement agencies in Mesa County. These reports are reviewed by juvenile justice coordinators and an attorney and a decision is made regarding whether the Child should be summoned to court or diverted away from the Court.

If a diversion is pursued by this office, the parents or legal guardians of the Child will receive a letter setting a date for a diversion conference with one of our juvenile coordinators. If a formal delinquency action is thought to be necessary, the parents along with the child, will receive a summons to appear in court.

If you have already received the Summons to appear in the District Court, please continue reading this message for additional helpful information.

  • On the day of the appearance in Court, you, your child, and any other parent or guardian will need to appear in court to be advised of:
    • your rights,
    • the procedures which will be used,
    • the delinquent act or acts the child has allegedly committed,
    • and the possible penalties for those acts should the child be found guilty or enter a plea of guilty.
  • At this hearing the Judge will also inquire about the Child's desire for counsel, and the parents desire for counsel separate from the Child.
  • If you wish to obtain counsel for yourself and/or your Child before the advisement hearing, you have every right to do so. It is not, however, required that you attend the first hearing with an attorney.
  • For information on the process involved in obtaining court appointed counsel for the indigent, please contact the Public Defender's Office at 245-9122.
  • If you wish to discuss a resolution of your Child's case: Please read the following carefully.
    • Though it is proper for the prosecuting attorney to speak with you and/or the child before the advisement hearing and before you hire counsel, you are under no obligation to do so. If you do hire or obtain counsel for your child, a parent or guardian that is not represented may still speak directly to this office's staff.
    • Once counsel is obtained the party represented by that attorney cannot engage in conversation with our staff unless their attorney is present. It is improper for this office's staff to speak directly to a person represented by an attorney without that attorney's presence.

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